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An event that D'z has helped make beautiful!  Visit our Gallery page for more pictures.  

About Us

D'z Rentals and Decor is run by a dedicated group of people that cares about your event!  We clean, mend, refurbish, sew, build, press and constantly search for new items. We take pride in offering excellent quality and if we wouldn't use it for our own event, it is not good enough for yours! D'z offers rentals only, rentals including delivery and/or pickup, setup and takedown, or we would be happy to offer you a quote to handle your entire event.  Unfortunately we cannot ship our items at this time. 

In order to reserve items for your event D'z requires a signed contract and 25% deposit.  You can make payments by mail, in person, or by credit card with the final payment due 10 days before your event. 

Although an appointment is not required to view our items and speak with staff it is strongly recommended, especially during wedding planning season!  If you come in we want to be able to visit with you and show you the things we can offer but if someone has an appointment they have priority.  Thank you for understanding!

Anything you rent from D'z will be ready to use.  Chairs and tables will be clean, centerpieces ready to be used, backdrops checked, lights tested, and our linens pressed. We do our own linens and we are picky!  We also build many of our backdrops, tables and cake stands and we have some absolutely beautiful lace, muslin and burlap table skirts. We love creating and trying new things!  

If you've never heard of pipe and drape you need to check it out.  Pipe and Drape is a portable, freestanding system that allows you to create walls of fabric to cover up something you want to hide, or enhance something you put in front of it.  It's used as ceremony backdrops, cake area and reception backdrops, used to hide areas you don't want to be seen or items that can't be moved.  It's versatile, attractive, and can be absolutely beautiful with lights behind it, or with extra fabrics added to give it a wow factor.  Of course D'z has lots and lots of pipe and drape in many colors!